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Nov 12, 2018

Product market fit is at the heart of every product decision, from features to architecture. But how can you find market fit in today's constantly shifting tech landscape? We spoke with Ubek Ergashev of Comcast's machineQ IoT platform about making the pivot from infrastructure to product company, the state of IoT, and how to make technology selections that won't come back to haunt you.

About machineQ:

machineQ is an enterprise-grade IoT platform that helps businesses build, manage, and scale their own IoT networks and solutions. Based in Philadelphia and incubated out of Comcast, machineQ delivers best-in-class LoRa®-based hardware, enterprise grade software, and IoT expertise that speeds up innovation and reduces time to market.

About Ubek:

Ubek Ergashev is a Product Manager for machineQ. Over the course of the last twelve months he’s led the effort to build the machineQ ecommerce store and mobile app, which will enable customers to purchase machineQ’s IoT hardware products like gateways and sensors, and make it simple and easy to get them up and running for their business.

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